Counter-information bulletin – September 2015



Greece: Banner about the case of Evi Statiri, in Volos.

Greece: Interventions about Evi Statiri, in Komotini.

Greece: ATMs torched, in Athens, by Burning Horizons.


Australia: Graffiti in solidarity with Evi Statiri and other imprisoned comrades, in Melbourne.


Canada: Website belonging to an animal testing laboratory hacked, by ALF.


Greece: Political parties’ kiosks torched and vandalized, in Athens, by Nihilists for the total attack against the existent.


Spain: 20 rabbits liberated from a farm, by ALF.

Other actions:

Canada: Railways sabotaged, in Montreal.

Greece: Intervention in solidarity with Evi Statiri, in Thessaloniki.

Argentina: Sabotage against shops that exploit animals, in Buenos Aires.

Greece: Actions in solidarity with Evi Statiri, in Komotini.


Greece: Review of Fire #5


by Inter Arma

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