Spain: Update on comrades Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero and the recent repressive operation


On 27/10, took place a hearing that would determine whether to extend the pre-trial detention of comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar. Despite the fact that the legislation of the Spanish state states a maximum period of  two years in pre-trial detention, the state has exercised the right of prolongation in exceptional cases, deciding finally on 28/10 the extension of the detention of  the comrades for 2 more years.

On 28/10, the state launched a new repressive operation against anarchists in the footsteps of operations and Pandora Piñata. The cops invaded eight homes and squats, seized computers, money and material and arrested  9 individuals in Barcelona (7) and Manresa (2). Eight of those arrested were released, on bail or without bail, while anarchist Enrique Costoya was detained.

Based on info sent to Inter Arma and published in efectopandora.

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