Sweden: Hoax bomb at fur dealer’s house (Örebro, 02/01/2012)

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In Örebro fur is BANNED. But a callous fur dealer named Stefano Makris did not really understand this. Stefano is the same blood thirsty wretch that was attacked last fall to the point that he closed down his stock and headquarters. Looking close at this oppressors finances we see that […]

Greece: Incediary attacks againsta Mac Donalds restaurant, Zografou town hall and Kesariani town hall (Athens, 05/02/2011)

February 5, 2011 at 4:17 am Comments are Disabled

“And the door of prison shakes behind you. You are now there, came out alive from your arrest, you are angry that you were not more careful, you worry if they arrest others, you try to understand what they know, if a lawyer is advised and of course careful to […]