May-August 2013

U.S.A.: Citibike stations vansalized (New York, August 2013)

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In New York City, people have become used to dealing with indignities. One cannot go for a quick walk without traveling through paramilitary style conditions. We have a mayor who proudly boasts of having a police force that is his personal army. This same police force has been murdering poor […]

U.S.A.: Fur store vandalized (Portland, 22/08/2013)

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Two windows smashed, in addition to locks glued, at Ribnick Fur and Leather on the night of August 22. William Ribnick, be warned: As long as you continue to profit off of the captivity, electrocution, and gassing of wild animals, we will be back time and time again. We would […]

Canada: Trucks sabotaged at slaugtherhouse (Ontario, 19/08/2013)

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Today in Ontario, Canada, the ALF superglued the ignitions of trucks at the slaughterhouse called Abingdon Meat Packers. All the trucks were left unlocked, so the keys were taken and replaced with small pieces of metal from roofing staples and then super glue. Abingdon Meat Packers exclusively kills baby animals […]

Russia: Excavator torched (Moscow, August 2013)

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About two weeks ago we torched a tracked excavator at the place where workers were destroying Ismailovo park. The vehicle was parked on the side of the highway, where they were adding more lanes to the road. It took us 3-4 minutes to do the job. We approached. We set […]

Indonesia: Incendiary attack at the Arts Institute of Jakarta (Jakarta, 20/08/2013)

Indonesia: Incendiary attack at the Arts Institute of Jakarta (Jakarta, 20/08/2013)

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Civilization is not established by itself but by the people who support it. People who turned themselves into one of the poles of the civilization. Humans are the ones who gave birth to civilization. It also means that no one is innocent or not guilty in this present life. Every […]

Mexico: ALF hackes cattle auction website (18/08/2013)

Mexico: ALF hackes cattle auction website (18/08/2013)

August 18, 2013 at 4:27 am Comments are Disabled

              In these images you can see the before and after of our visit, you can see a small modification. Similarly other modifications were made to the website which, though not visible on the main page, surely will take them a few hours to […]

U.S.A.: Butcher shops and farm’s vehicles vandalized (San Francisco, 12/08/2013)

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This was our first action, inspired by the amazing work of animal liberationists in Costa Mesa, Montana, Idaho, Portland, and elsewhere this summer. Around midnight on August 12, we held local animal abuser Dave Evans and Marin Sun Farms accountable for the lives they’ve destroyed. We took action on behalf […]

U.S.A.: Pheasants and quails liberated (Oregon, 15/08/2013)

August 16, 2013 at 3:56 am Comments are Disabled

On the night of August 15th the masked liberators of the Animal Liberation Front carried out the rescue of wild pheasants and quail from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife game bird exhibition pens at the EE Wilson wildlife area (north of Corvallis). Wire cutting tools were used to […]

U.S.A.: Fur store owner’s truck vandalized (12/08/2013)

August 15, 2013 at 3:48 am Comments are Disabled

In response to the article in the National Post glorifying Eugene Klein and his disgusting business, Capilano Furs and Taxidermy Studios, the Animal Liberation Front took direct action to destroy the interior of Eugene’s $60 000 truck. Under the cover of darkness, we approached the residence of Eugene Klein and […]

U.S.A.: Restaurant vandalized (Portland, 14/08/2013)

August 14, 2013 at 3:26 am Comments are Disabled

Two consecutive nights – both door locks at Yung Kee Restaurant were filled with superglue. This two story restaurant with on-site butcher proudly displays duck and chicken carcasses in their windows. Their hands are soaked with the blood of the countless animals murdered to continue their operation. We are inspired […]