Activities to enjoy with recycled items

Activities to enjoy with recycled items

When you search for the Dubai kids’ activities on internet then you will get to know a lot about it and there will be some activities which you can do easily with the items you already have in your house and you will not have to go to the store and buy all of them and then have fun after spending a lot on these things. You can also send your kids to the volleyball classes near me when they are more concerned about the physical activities outside the house but when they are willing to play inside only then you can see these activities:

Lid banjos:

In this activity your only need some of the old lids of different jars, they can be of any size but if you take the smaller ones then it will be better to make. Other than that you should get some Popsicle sticks and strings and some of the decorative tapes or items to make them look beautiful. First you need to decorate then Popsicle sticks with tapes, colors or other things and then you have to get your glue and stick the string all around the lid. There should be only three to four strings on each lid with some gap in them. Then stick the lid to the Popsicle stick and your banjo is ready to play. Kids will enjoy more while making this little banjo than playing and listening to the music from that.

Paper bead necklace:

This is an amazing activity to have with your kids especially when you have some girls in your house and there will nothing fancy you need just some different colored papers, beads and strings and you can start making your necklace. You have to take a paper and cut that in to different sizes and make sure that they are smaller in size and then you have to roll them tightly. If you take a thin stick in between the paper then it will be easier for you to roll that. You just have to make sure that all of the papers will be equal in size vertically so there will be equal in width. And then you have to put them in to a strong string which will not break easily. You can have some smaller beads in between these paper quilts.