Importance of oud in perfumes

Importance of oud in perfumes

Have you ever brushed a guy past and smelled a sweet, warm and muscular fragrance that instantly brought him to a virtual bliss paradise? They were likely to wear Oud. Oud. Oud is one of the most sought after fragrances in the world for those who do not know. It’s an endless obsession for the people of Middle East and much of South-east Asia and is justifiable. The Oud market is calculated to be one and half times the size of Gold at 6 trillion dollars. This is why the nickname “Liquid Gold” was acquired.

Let’s find out a little more about one of the priciest ingredients in your perfume. What is Oud? What is Oud? Agarwood, agaloca, aloeswood or eaglewood is also known as Oudh (Arabic, Agarwood), Agarwood, or Alloeswood, is an Agar tree byproduct. Its sources lie in the Assam valleys and from there it stretches to the best part of South-East Asia in Bangladesh. Although the Agar tree wood in parts of South East Asia and Middle East is widely employed for burning, it is not the final product that we call Oud. The plant is produced only when a certain parasite mold infects the wood of the tree and then forms a dark fragrant resin. That’s Oud in every congruity.

Just two percent of the Agar trees make Oud a very scarce product. Why is Oud both essential and costly? Two factors occur in this topic, and the two are separated. Oud’s significance lies mainly in its rare character. Let’s discover the depths that are uncommon for Oud. You may claim that there aren’t many areas where the presence of Agar trees is prevalent. Just two percent of the Agar trees are able to develop a bacterial mold forming Oud.

As a matter of fact, Oud has a warm balsamic sweetness. First, we need to learn how perfumes are developed to understand how Oud is used in fragrances. The three layers of notes contain simple notes, middle notes and top notes. Base notes are important to perfumes, since once the top notes and center notes dissipate, they linger on the skin longer. Now, Oud’s output as a base note is excellent. Oud can stay on the skin for very long and can repair other fragrances. Oud-containing perfumes are however priced as a base note depending upon the concentration of oud. The more the Oud oil ages, the greater the result would be.

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