Become a Psychologist and What it Takes to Get a PhD in Psychology

Become a Psychologist and What it Takes to Get a PhD in Psychology

A psychologist is a professional who studies abnormal and normal mental states, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and physiological processes and behavior by observing, diagnosing, testing, and evaluating how people respond to one another, and to their surroundings. The diagnosis of a disorder may be made from a variety of sources, including clinical reports, psychological assessment and interviews. A psychologist usually makes a thorough description of the patient’s behavior and tries to explain the causes of the symptoms. People who suffer from serious mental disorders are often referred to qualified psychologists for care and treatment.

Psychology is one of the many fields in the medical field that has a doctorate degree as its highest level of education. Although many psychologists in Abu Dhabi do not earn a full-fledged doctorate degree, many specialize and hold other doctorate degrees such as a master of arts, master of science, doctor of philosophy, or even a PhD. In some areas of psychology, however, a doctorate degree is not required in order to practice. In the United States, board certification is required for most practitioners, although this varies from state to state.

There are several different levels of doctorate degrees offered at the graduate and doctoral levels. The first is the PsyD or Doctor of Psychology, which is a graduate-level degree. In general, these individuals are expected to have a background in clinical or academically related areas, but no specialized training in psychology. The second level of the doctorate is the PsyD/ MPH or Master of Science degree, which is a graduate-level degree. This doctorate involves specialized training in psychology, though some may have some related academic experience. The phd is granted by an educational board, generally the university, or a professional organization that certifies practitioners in the United States.

The highest degree, the PsyD, is achieved through a doctoral program at an educational or research university. It takes two to three years to complete, after graduation. The student must also complete coursework in human behavior, neuropsychological principles, diagnostic and research methods, statistics, research methodology, counseling and therapy, basic social and psychological theories, interpersonal and experimental psychology, and law and legal practices. Many students opt to specialize in either clinical or counselling psychology. This requires additional study, work experience, or a certain amount of coursework in a particular field. After completion of a master’s degree program in psychology, a psychologist may be able to apply for state licensing as a psychotherapist or therapist.

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