Publishing terms


  • Material and news about all tensions of new and widely militant anarchy.
  • Claims of responsibility, which are either already published elsewhere or sent to us.
  • Material about prisoners of war, with whom we are either in affinity or whose choices we respect.
  • Archive material which promotes the dialectic of insurrection and the evolution of individual thought.


  • Material with racist, sexist, homophobic or speciecist content.
  • Material by organizations or groups, which have a syndicalist, workerist or communist character.
  • Material from mainstream media or media, that are hostile to the current of new anarchy.
  • Material which is in contrast with the nature of the project.

Every case will be looked into separately.

We don’t want the texts, translations and news updates signed by our project to be re-posted in athens.indymedia.

Inter Arma

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