Types of 3d technology in printing

Types of 3d technology in printing

There are various types of 3D technology in the printing. We are going to discuss few of them in this in this article. 3d printing in Dubai offers a great variety of services.

Stereo lithography

The first 3D printing technology was stereo lithography. Chuck Hill invented this type of 3D printer in 1986. Stereo lithography is known for making things with a high level of detail, consistent finishes, and a compact size. Vat polymerization is the process used in stereo lithography. In stereo lithography, the mirrors are referred to as galvanometers.

Digital Light Processing: Stereo lithography is similar to digital light processing. The most significant distinction is that digital light processing use a digital light projector, whereas stereo lithography employs an ultraviolet laser.

Digital light processing has a faster printing time than stereo lithography. This is due to the fact that each layer is shown at the same moment.

Electron Beam Melting: An electron beam with a high amount of energy is used. Because of the electronic nature of this printer, it should be produced in a vacuum and used with materials that are electrically conductive. Because electron beam melting has a high density, it can be produced quickly. The scale of electron beam melting is limited, and the cost is too expensive. In the automotive, aviation, dental, and medical industries, electron beam melting is commonly used.

Polyjet: Polyjet is a printing technique that uses plastic. This printer provides the highest level of precision. It features a lot of smooth surfaces and a lot of details. Polyjet printing can be done on a variety of materials and colors. Polyjet might save you money depending on the type of material used.

Drop on Demand: Fly cutter is another name for drop on demand. This type makes use of inkjet printers.  It has even finished and comes in a variety of materials and colors. Drop on demand is fragile, which makes it undesirable for automatic parts.

Now you are aware with the various types of 3D printing technologies. So, when you choose a 3D printing process, make sure you understand all of the specifications to avoid any problems later on.

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